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Hardees vegan menu Restaurants LLC is an American fast-food restaurant chain owned through CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc, the company that gave 327 mi

New Hardees Menu

Hardees vegan menu Restaurants LLC is an American fast-food restaurant chain owned through CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc, the company that gave 327 million dollars in cash to Masco Limited for Hardee’s. This is the same firm that also controls Carl’s Restaurant, and, with the purchase of Hardee’s, the company now has an entire chain of restaurants.

The year became December, and Hardee’s launched two options made from plant matter: beyond burger and sausage. Past burgers and past sausage generally want a few modifications due to the fact usually served with mayonnaise or cheese in most eating places.

But, Hardees stopped offering vegan and plant-based alternatives because they could not provide products that were not selling enough to merit their inclusion on the menu. So currently, Hardee’s does not have a simple vegan menu aside from the standard food items and sides we can find in other restaurants.

In light of that, we’ll take a look at what’s on the menu.

Vegan Options at Hardee’s

Red Burrito & Hardees vegan menu

Rice, Beans, and Cheese Burrito: A dish that consists of rice, refried beans, and cheese, all wrapped up in a grilled tortilla. Although the word isn’t vegan, however, it can be made vegan by eliminating the cheese.

The price is $2.39.


Side Salad: The side salad of iceberg salad with tomato, red onion, and cheddar cheese. To make the salad vegan, you need to take off the cheese. The typical salad comes with two dressings, The Buttermilk Ranch and the Low-Fat Italian Dressing, however only the latter is vegan.


Grits: The list of ingredients says that determinations of milk and milk derivatives; however, If you look at the list, you won’t see any of them. They only enriched white corn grits. This mixture of corn grits, niacin, iron mononitrate, thiamin, folic acid folic, and riboflavin. None of these is milk-derived.

Hash round The are just crispy potato slices. Based on the ingredients list, they contain no animal components. They are priced at $1.39.

Natural French Fries Cut Everyone loves fries, but the ones made by Hardee’s are incredibly delicious. They are priced between $1.79 to $2.19, depending on the size you want.

Crispy Curls Crispy Curls are priced between $1.79, $1.79, and $2.19, depending on your select amount. These are similar to french fries but with the skin removed.

Green Beans: If steamed and sprinkled with salt, they can turn out delicious. I couldn’t find a cost for green beans. However, they shouldn’t exceed $2-3.

Sourdough Bread is not just available at Hardee’s and other restaurants; sourdough bread is suitable for vegans. It is from our salt, water, and, often, commercial baker’s yeast.

Hot Dog Buns: The Hardee’s hot dogs buns are vegan. However, that’s not always the case at other eateries. Keep that in mind when you order elsewhere.


  • Peach Cobbler If you’re not aware of what a peach cobbler is, it’s a peach-flavored fruit filling into a large baking dish, then covered with biscuits, batter or dumpling. I couldn’t find the cost of this dish.


  • Strawberry Jam
  • Grape Jelly
  • Ketchup
  • Lemon Juice
  • Mustard
  • BBQ Dipping Cup and Packet
  • Buffalo Dipping Cup
  • Picante Sauce Packet

Potential Cross-Contamination

A thing to bear in mind when dining at restaurants that are not vegan is the possibility of cross-contamination, especially in the case of fryers. They could use fryers to fry ingredients from animals but not alter the oil. They later make chips using the fryer, which has traces of animal products. If you’re attending to withdraw this predicament at all costs, I’m worried Hardee’s isn’t concerning you.

How To Order the Food at Hardees vegan menu? Does Hardee’s Have a Vegan Menu?

It’s getting more accessible to find vegan alternatives today, and Hardee’s is no other. The menus are different based on the area. Here are some tips for eating vegan at Hardee’s, even though they’re not vegan.

Check out the menu and search for items marked Vegan

An example of the standard efficient methods to request vegan food at Hardee’s is to check the table to consult any items reported as Vegan.

Request to speak with the servers at Hardee’s

There are times when you’ll see food chains and restaurants which may have vegan items but listed on the menu. In these instances, servers could know these items and may assist you in placing an order.

Get the nutritional information of ingredients to determine what they are.

Hardee’s usually has nutritional information available and will provide the information to you upon request. Apart from determining how many calories were consumed and the macro-split, it will also list the ingredients used to make the dish. It is possible to look over your list of ingredients also to identify vegan options. You can also try to check this out by visiting Hardee’s website.

Request modifications for menu items

If you do not see vegetarian dishes available on their menus, inquire with your server at Hardee’s to find out how they could work about any item they can change to Vegan. Many restaurants offer vegan meat substitutes, or they can remove any non-vegan ingredients on the menu to ensure it is Vegan and vegan-friendly.

Find vegetarian dishes available at Hardee’s.

Suppose there aren’t any Vegan items available. In that case, your best option is to consider the vegetarian option and request to exclude all non-vegan products like eggs, dairy products, and other dairy products. In the majority of cases, vegetarian products are the easiest to modify to be vegan.

For a complete list of vegan alternatives available on our site, click here. Go to Hardee’s. The menu choices may differ based on the area of the restaurant. Make sure you check the website before placing an order to ensure that the food item you choose to order is not a result of food sensitivities or conforms to your diet’s requirements and preferences. We possess no relationship besides the establishment.

Did Hardees Discontinue the Beyond Burger?

Beyond Burger and the Beyond Sausage. It’s true, Hardee’s no longer sells Beyond Burger and Beyond Sausage. This information is available on forums, where users have verified that information with their local eateries.

Are Hardee’s fries vegan?

Vegans can eat the fries themselves. However, It can cook them in the exact oil in which other food items are cooked, such as animals.

Are Hardee’s onion rings vegan?

The onion rings were at Hardee’s of whey protein that comes from milk. This is the usual practice for most fast-food chains that are non-vegan establishments. If you are looking for vegan onion rings, Sonic Drive-in is an establishment that sells onion rings made without animal products.

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