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Hardees Roast Beef

Hardees Roast Beef Hardees Roast Beef Sandwich is once again back for the fans. Hardee's needs no introduction and is renowned for its consistent t

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Hardees Roast Beef

Hardees Roast Beef Sandwich is once again back for the fans. Hardee’s needs no introduction and is renowned for its consistent taste, quality, and services. The company has announced the return of the legendary Hardee’s Original Roast Beef Sandwich after fans request and positive reviews. The fan-favorite roast beef sandwich item will return to all Hardees restaurants with a 2 for $5 regular size value offer to celebrate the item, due to popular demand.

To celebrate the return of the original Hardees Roast Beef Sandwich, Hardee’s is launching a campaign called “Save the Veggies,” to catch the customers and to promote this product in which the company will promise to plant millions of vegetables throughout the different states in USA and some European and Asian countries too.

The Return of Vegetables in Hardess Roast Beef Menu

No one can deny the importance of vegetables in daily life. Hardee’s understands that vegetables have their spot and is trying to add vegetables in Hardee’s Original Roast Beef Sandwich item that is made with slow-cooked beef. This sandwich with an addition of vegetables tastes much better. Hardees has announced that the company will plant more than 10 million vegetables in different US states with the collaboration of American Community Gardening Association.

Director of Brand Marketing Jenna Folk said that “Hardee’s is influenced by the importance of vegetables and local culture all around the world due to which the company has teamed up with the American Community Gardening Association (ACGA) to plant more than 10 million vegetables around the different US states and some other countries too after the collaboration with some local authorities.

Save the Veggies Deal

  • Hardees Roast Beef Sandwich is serving with two seeded buns that is consist of slow-cooked beef, and hand-dipped
  • Save the Veggies deal is packed full of protein will be available in $5 in participating locations
  • At the time this offer is valid in some selected locations in breakfast hours for a limited time
  • Locations can have different prices and levels of participation.
  • Taxes are not included in this quote and can be vary in some high earning states such as Los Angeles, New York, Washington, and Hawaii
  • Save the Veggies deal also relates with Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich which is also available in Arby’s-style variants
  • In the 1980s, This deal is available with barbecue and horseradish sauce in the mids of 1980
  • This deal was available with beef and cheddar sauce in early 1990 with an addition of added items

Addition of Fries and Drinks in Save the Veggies Deal

Later in 2020, Hardees add some drinks, and French fries in the Monster Roast Beef Combo meal that is available from $5 to $7 in all US states. The price is different just because of different labor rates in some rich states.

On a toasted plain bun, the Monster Roast Beef Sandwich consists of slow-cooked, thinly sliced seasoned roast beef sandwiched between two slices of American cheese, two layers of bacon, and au jus sauce.