Hardees Chicken Tenders


Hardees Chicken Tenders

Hardees Chicken Tenders: Now Available at All Restaurants Hand-Breaded and Spicy Hardees chicken Tenders are now available at all restaurants in th

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Hardees Chicken Tenders: Now Available at All Restaurants

Hand-Breaded and Spicy Hardees chicken Tenders are now available at all restaurants in the United States. Hardees needs no introduction and is considered as one of the most successful fast chain in the world. Hardees is known for its history of healthy foods, new meals, deals, burgers, sandwiches, drinks, salads, nutrition and nutrition free menus. Just select the menu of your own choice and turn up the heat on your breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the introduction of Hand-Breaded Spicy Chicken Tenders, available now at an affordable price.

Hardees believes in quality services, quality foods, vegetables, and Spicy Chicken and burgers with the brand’s classic Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders. All of the Hardees items are made by dipping marinated chicken breast meat tenders in buttermilk, gluten free items, breading them in seasoned flour, and frying them to crispy, golden brown perfection all by Hardees professional chefs all day. For a one of a kind, spicy treat, the freshly fried chicken tenders are prepared by our trained chefs just for you.

Hardees Chicken Tenders Deals and Prices

Because no other big hamburger QSR makes Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders, ours have remained a very successful menu item since they were first introduced nearly seven years ago at Hardee’s,” said Brad Haley, Carl’s Jr.® and Hardee’s chief marketing officer. “In reality, not many sit-down restaurants make them because hand-dipping marinated chicken in buttermilk, breading it in seasoned flour, and frying it to a crisp, golden brown takes a lot more time.

But, as delicious as our original Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders are, we kept getting requests from guests to make them in different flavours, so we went with the heat. Our new Hand-Breaded Spicy Chicken Tenders have a lot of delicious ingredients in it, so you can order added drink and fries than the normal meal when you order them.

Hardees Chicken Tenders are available for just $3.69 for a 3-piece chicken and $5.39 for a 5-piece chicken tenders. It is totally up to you to order the meal of your choice according to your budget or appetite. Any meal can be ordered as a combination meal with fries and a drink for $5.69; prices can differ in some rich states because of labor rates.

Hardee’s Chicken Tenders Calories and Wraps

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  • Avail the meals as discounted price anywhere, anytime with our home delivery services
  • Hardees believes in quality services and 24/7 customers support and satisfaction
  • Check out the entire menu, gluten free products or drinks on our site and use the store locator to locate any Hardees restaurant in the United States
  • All the Hardees food products are prepared by professional chefs according to health standards and by following hygienic foods guides
  • Hardee’s chicken tenders are prepared with eggs and buttermilk before being lightly breaded and deep-fried
  • For $5.99, anyone can get five chicken tenders pieces with small fries, and a small drink, as well as your choice of dipping sauce